"Living Thing" is alive!

#24.  Rusted Man’s finished album “Living Thing” is now available … on iTunes, and CD Baby, and more to come!  You can now download your very own copy, and enjoy it forever, anywhere in the world.

Physical CD’s will also be available for pre-sale in just a few days.

RM hit the “go live” button for digital download sales, yesterday afternoon 28 Aug, and was told to hang tight, it should be on iTunes within 2 or 3 days.  But within hours, a dedicated Man Fan in Singapore found the album and downloaded The Very First One.  Here’s the screenshot …

By way of celebration, RM took Rusty for a joyride in Son The Elder’s home-made “put-put boat”.  It’s powered with tea-light candles, and doesn’t move very fast, but a lot faster than this album.  Rusty quickly figured he would have sunk the boat, so to avoid a bad omen, just sent his hand-crafted 2-string NZ driftwood bass for a quick spin.

Next step: RM will open for CD pre-sales within days, once all the materials are submitted to the CD manufacturer.

[29 Aug 2014]




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