Time for a big fat party

#27. At one stage we thought this might never happen but … there’s going to be big fat party!  “Rusted Man & friends” album launch party in Penang, Malaysia on Thursday 16 October.

Man Fans from Penang, and outer space, and everywhere in between are all welcome.

You can see the gig event on Rusted Man’s facebook page. And take a moment to “like” RM’s FB page while you’re at it.

It’s going to be a great night.  A couple of Man Fans have requested RM to live-stream the gig for those who can’t make the trip.  He’s looking into it.  Technically it is doable, just a matter of inserting tab A into slot B, and having some volunteers to handle it.

RM Kickoff Space v3a


[26 Sep 2014]


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