Getting ready for The Big Gig

#28.  Rehearsals are underway for the CD Launch Party on Thursday 16th Oct.  If you’re in Penang on 16th October, be sure to come along to The Canteen at China House at 9pm.  It’s going to be a small band consisting mainly, and possibly only, of RM and Drumming Man. Here they are in action at the Little Penang Street Market just over a week ago, during a groovalicious rendition of “St Louis Woman”.  Off-camera are Sid on guitar and Ronald on keyboard.

RM & DM at LPSM 28 Sep 75-2

And a reminder to you to buy your own copy of the album.  Both personally signed CDs or digital downloads are available now.

So far reaction to the album has been overwhelmingly positive. RM’s efforts now are directed at getting the album in front of people in the media who can bring the good word of “Living Thing” to the wider world. Get yours now!

[8 October 2014]

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