Spilling the beans

Secawan 300c2#29.  Back in August RM was asked to make a brief presentation at a networking event for aspiring entrepreneurs in Penang.  The event is called “Level Up“, run by Redbox Studio who provide excellent web services used by RM and many other satisfied customers.

Here’s an excerpt from RM’s presentation.

It’s a no-frills event, just a pure and simple exchange of ideas, with great questions and insights and a bit of a kick-in-the-pants from an interesting and motivated group.  And fine coffee at Secawan ‘n’ Such.

At this point in the talk, RM has been giving a brief personal history, describing how he came to leave behind a corporate career in project management and business operations to fulfill a 25-year dream to record an album.  He then shifts gears to talk about two key imperatives that guided his approach to the making of “Living Thing”.

Spoiler alert!  Those imperatives are 1) Be incremental  2) Be self-critical

In fact this event took place on the very day “Living Thing” was being mastered in Australia, and RM was feeling like a very anxious father at the time.  One week later the album was launched on iTunes.

And don’t forget the big fat Launch Party coming up … just 2 more sleeps!


[14 October 2014]




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