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#30.  The Big Gig finally happened on 16th October.  People came from all over town and even out of town and filled up The Canteen at China House.  Friendships accumulated over nearly 16 years in Penang were celebrated one more time.

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It was the last opportunity to say a fond farewell to the dearly beloved – from the work scene, the music scene, the church scene, the human rights activist scene – before leaving on a jet plane and re-settling in NZ.

RM did his best to sing his heart out and not cry it out.  What great friends we have in Penang!  “This is home. This is everything.”

RM finally got around to editing the video superbly shot by Daniel Yee … well, half of it.  Here’s some scenes from before and after the Rusted Man set, to get you in a mellow mood.  The RM set will be posted later.

This goes out with deepest thanks to everyone who came along, as well as to everyone who couldn’t make it, for making Penang home for us.

Some special thanks also to people who made a particular effort to come along:

– Chiu and Lam, despite their dad being in hospital recovering from dengue fever

– Wendy who flew in from KL and caught only 3 songs from the RM set

– “ArmZildjian” and friends who traveled up from Taiping


[2 November 2014]


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