Jens gives us a glimpse behind "The Moon"

#34. On September 7th this year, harmonica maestro Jens Bunge gave a radio interview to the Jazzology show in Germany.  For RM and family, the livestream provided a pleasant change from the normal Radio New Zealand news accompaniment at breakfast time.

In the interview, Jens played 7 tracks from his recordings on various albums, including his own.  Among the recordings was this track, “The Moon”, the tragic ballad at the heart of “Living Thing”.


When RM downloaded Jens’ home-recorded .wav files, imported them into the rest of the mix, and played the track through, it momentarily took his breath away.  When you are writing a song, you are sketching it in your mind, but you can’t predict how other musicians will color it in.  What you want is something that will just seem “right”, and this is an example of perfect color balance.  “The Moon” is an uncomfortably personal song, and the harmonica breathes a tenderness to complement the vulnerable lyrics.

It was an honor to have Jens feature on the album, and for Jens to feature “The Moon” in his interview.  Thank you, Jens.

We should also acknowledge the other fine artists on this track: Eddie Wen who follows Jens with a sweet flugelhorn solo (and just check out his last fading note on the track!), Frances Thomas gives another silvery turn on backing vocals, Sham Kamikaze smoothly handles Bb/C to F#13(b9) to G9#11 on acoustic guitar, and of course Jasmi Bin Budin brushing the drums to a gentle waltz.

Check out the excerpt from Jens’ interview on YouTube, which also features the full track of “The Moon”.


[17 Oct 2015]

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