"Living Thing" is alive!

#24.  Rusted Man’s finished album “Living Thing” is now available … on iTunes, and CD Baby, and more to come!  You […]

Done and dusted, almost!

#23.  Last Friday, the tracks came back from mastering at Studios 301 in Sydney, with senior engineer Steve Smart twiddling […]

In the Delivery Room

#22.  At Studio 21 in Kuala Lumpur, the baby is finally delivered by the good doctor Peter Mixman, seen here with proud […]

A week of magic awaits

#21. Next week, RM heads to Kuala Lumpur, to The Magic Control Room of The Grand Wizard Of Sound, Peter […]

Another teaser – "The End"

#20. RM has loaded another YouTube teaser for the loyal Man Fandom.  32 seconds of “The End”, from the end of […]

Over the Hillary Step

#18. All vocal recording is finally finished, and that means all recording is finished, and that means RM is over the Hillary […]

Allow me to introduce…

#16. Now that almost all the instrumental recording is complete, RM is delighted to formally present to you the musicians […]

Six weeks off the grid

#15. A few days ago, RM met with an unfortunate accident on a hike on Penang Hill. The anterior talofibular […]

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