Follow the progress with your ears

YouTube samplers, from the finished masters

Excerpts from the finished “Living Thing” album, released on 28 August 2014

Dedicated to the splendid musicians and vocalists who feature on the album:

Jasmi Bin Budin – drums
Jamie Wilson – guitar
Sham Kamikaze – guitar
Kelvyn Yeang – guitar
Eddie Wen – flugelhorn
Julian Chan – saxophone
Jens Bunge – harmonica
Frances Thomas – backing vocals
Michelle Tan – backing vocals
RM (Russell Stedman) – bass, keyboards, vocals, words & music


YouTube teasers, as at July 2014.

These are rough mixes of the finished recordings, including vocals


Excerpts from 3 songs, as at March 2014.

Drums, bass, guitars and horns are played live.  Other instruments are programmed.


And for contrast, excerpts from 3 songs, back in December 2013.  Drums and bass are played live.  Other instruments are programmed.


And some old stuff

Excerpts from demos recorded in 2006.  All 3 songs are being re-recorded for the new album